Risk Assessment

The goal of the risk assessment is to identify the important operational and information security risks and opportunities, as well as their possible influence on your company.

We’ll identify and categorize the threats and opportunities so you can make decisions based on facts, efficiency and confidence.

Our team will conduct a full assessment of your risks and opportunities using ISO 31000 and NIST SP800-53 methodology and will assist you in developing a risk management strategy.

Risk assessment in the organization

The professional risk assessment is key to business. Organizations that implement risk management practices approach in decision-making processes are more sustainable and profitable.

The ISO 31000 and NIST SP800-53 methodologies provide strong and consistent guidelines for risk management practices, procedures and principles that can increase information security, business continuity and improve organizational performance.

By implementing risk management standards, security professionals can help organizations manage first and foremost threats and vulnerabilities to security (information, physical and environmental), as well as those that could damage the organization’s reputation and reduce profitability. Accurate assessment is

important for understanding risks, predicting consequences and determining the likelihood of them occurring.

Lean2Bee’s team of certified and licensed experts provides a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities for your business and will help you develop a plan for their effective management. Our professionals will identify and classify the challenges that your organization is facing, so that you can make decisions based on facts, effectiveness and confidence.

risk assessment