ISO consultant

An ISO consultant in Lean2Bee will teach you how to administer and maintain the systems that have been established.

The first evaluation of your company will be conducted by a team of experienced and certified professionals to determine the maturity of your management system.

We will provide a detailed plan for implementing/improving the existing processes based on the results.

The next stage would be to create and implement the necessary documentation and processes.


Professional assistance from an ISO consultant

Lean2Bee’s focus is to help you develop, implement, certify and maintain your management system in accordance to the ISO international standards.

We have a team of experienced consultants who will make an initial professional assessment of your company and the effectiveness of your management system. Each ISO consultant at Lean2Bee is a licensed and certified expert in implementing management systems, performing internal audits and gap assessments. You will receive a fair treatment, individual approach to the needs of your organization, and exceptional attention to detail, because for us every aspect is important.

After assessing the functioning of the management system and collecting objective evidence of its effectiveness and efficiency, we will provide you with a detailed plan for implementation and improvement of the existing processes based on the international ISO standards.

The stages of development of the necessary documentation include active collaboration on the implementation process of the management system, according to the ISO requirements.

Our consultants will conduct specialized training for the staff of your organization on the implementation of the new system and requirements and will assist you with know-how pieces of advice to achieve maximum effectiveness in the implementation process

ISO consultant